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Founded in 1995, E & E Exhibits, Inc. dba E&E ExhibitSolutions® is a one-stop trade show and event company, offering event management, design consultation, warehousing and logistics, rental depot, state-of-the-art graphic production facility.  As a premier exhibit house, we are professionals, consultants and experts in trade show and event management.  We provide complete solutions for trade show exhibits, events and environments including:

  • Trade Shows and Expos
  • Private Conferences and Seminars
  • Corporate and Private Events
  • Lobbies, Offices and Showrooms
  • Retail and Branding Environments

Realize Effective and Efficient Corporate Event Management with E&E Exhibit Solutions

Start with Corporate Event Planning

When it comes to planning a corporate event, the list of details, the number of moving parts and the options available can be daunting, especially if corporate event planning is not your company’s core competency.   Whether this is your first corporate event or if you have been planning events for years, having an experienced partner by your side who provides:


  • Best practice ideas amassed from years of experience across a myriad of industries
  • Partnership- to listen to your ultimate goals, offer creative solutions to help your company maintain or attain its bleeding edge
  • Fiscal awareness; connecting the dots between what you want with what the budget allows
  • Strategies to successfully execute your event
  • Design and Layout to make the best use of your allocated space
  • Access to a variety of materials (custom and rental) to meet your needs
  • Logistics to manage on-sight labor, set-up, tear-down
  • Trouble shooting leaders who can anticipate and/or manage difficulties that often occur

Align Your Event with Visual Elements That Work

What is the marketing objective of your event? Whether you are planning a user conference, annual meeting, new product reveal, or a multi-venue roadshow, the ultimate attainment is to have a successful, memorable experience.

Let’s start with the layout of the venue. We’ll examine the building, entryways, rooms, hallways, etc. to help create the ultimate recommendation for how to best create an event environment.

Combine a variety of elements for your event. E&E can offer:

  • Custom-designed display structures
  • LED screens
  • AV Planning
  • Effective signage

In-House Graphics: Our in-house graphics department will produce a variety of printed materials with your event color scheme and corporate messaging. The state-of-the-art printers allow for reproduction on large-scale sizes and materials

Branding: Examine the Design Options

What is your branding strategy?  Successful events require an effective and often outside the box branding experience.

Your message needs to be clear, concise and easy to comprehend. E&E works with clients to ensure that the message is displayed effectively. We offer a variety of solutions that are visual, tactile or immersive and even subliminal. We have the experience and the ideas available to ensure your branding is viewed, comprehended and internalized, which leads to the need for a cohesive corporate event environment design.

Create a Cohesive Look-Feel-Flow

“They” say that it takes a person seeing a message at least seven times before it connects with their brain. Comprehending a message isn’t just about the words but also the colors and images that are associated with them.

The corporate event specialists at E&E Exhibit Solutions understand the importance of a cohesive look for all elements of your event. From the entryway or welcome area to the vendor fair, sales areas, breakout rooms and grand ballroom, we can help ensure that your entire event provides attendees with a united look and feel.

It is Time to Delegate

Managing an event for your company requires enormous planning and delegating. Why not partner with an award-winning corporate event company who can remove some of the stress and pressure from your team.

Partnering with E&E is a solid investment in the success of your event. Our team fills in the gaps, providing a coordinating hub for all third-party vendors, venue staff and your own team. We can help, which, in the end, makes you look good!

The Party’s Over

When the event is over and it is time to pack up and head home, the E&E team offers assistance.  Our experienced staff is on hand to:

  • Tear down structures
  • Safely pack and prepare structures and signage for shipping
  • Disconnect technology, store and ship
  • Connect with vendors to arrange for tracked shipments

Ensure the success of your next corporate event, conference, seminars, gatherings or road shows by partnering with E&E experts who has more than 25 years of experience. Contact us today. Let’s work together to make your event a success!


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