Ruth van Vierzen

Peterborough , Ontario
Available upon request
What I Like to talk About

I excel at delivering practical, hands-on seminars that engage audiences and leave them feeling like their time has been well spent. My business seminars include exercises and step-by-step training approaches so that attendees can complete much of the work in-seminar, thus increasing the benefits they receive from the training.

I create customized business seminars based on event organizer needs. Below are a sample of my seminar topics:

  • Stop Leaving Sales on the Table: The Ultimate Follow-Up System to Dramatically Increase Your Sales 
  • Selling to the C-Suite: How to Win More Sales with Senior Executives (Leading research-based training solution for sales professionals. Available via workshop or webinar.)
  • Your Competition’s Doing It—So Must You: Online Marketing for Business Survival (Ask about my comprehensive suite of online marketing interactive seminar trainings.)
  • Lead Generation with Social Media: How to Maximize Social Media Tools to Generate More Leads and Sales

  • From Lead to Prospect to Customer: How to Stay Top-of-Mind on the Buyer’s Journey

  • Exhibitor Best Practices: How to Maximize your ROI from Exhibiting at Trade Shows  (A popular training with trade show organizers. Can be delivered in person or via webinar before the trade show so exhibitors make the most of their trade show investment.)
  • How to Network Like a Superstar and Maximize Your Time at Events (This is a valuable kick-off workshop for events and raises the energy in the room.)
  • Request a customized topic for your event.


My Background

I bring 20 years of experience in business development to the stage with dynamic, interactive presentations. I've earned a reputation for delivering in-demand topics that generate strong registration numbers and positive evaluations for event organizers.

In 2017, I launched my REVSquared Courses division, which provides online training in business and career development. Through REVSquared Courses, I can provide off-the-shelf and customized live remote trainings for organizations, in addition to my  on-stage presentations.

An outdoor enthusiast, I spend much of my free time hiking, camping, canoeing and cross-country skiing. And when the weather doesn't co-operate for outdoor activities, I devote my time to creative writing. I published my first children's book in 2018 and I'm at work on my first screenplay. 

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