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These programs can be the foundation for a; keynote presentation, half or full day seminar or the basis for a longer-term employee development program. These programs are ALL timely, relevant, entertaining, engaging and thought-provoking “with tremendous take-home value”. 

 Words mean nothing today – putting integrity & clarity into your communication.

One of the biggest challenges all organization’s face is a lack of communication integrity, clarity and consistency.  This issue contributes  to a lack of accountability, poor morale, organization dysfunction and inconsistent employee performance and effectiveness.  During this session Tim shares numerous techniques, ideas and approaches to improve all areas of communication whether with - employees,      customers, management, patients or clients. This program is based on his 80th book by the same title.

Is your glass half Full or half Empty – turning negativity into positivity?

During this session Tim discusses the impact of negative attitudes, mindsets and beliefs on an organization’s performance, growth  and ultimate success.  Every organization has individuals and even entire departments who from time to time behave in a negative way and unfortunately this behavior can be contagious and impact other employees, customers and the reputation of the organization in the marketplace.  Tim shares several proven and time-tested solutions, actions and approaches to changing these attitudes from half empty or negative into half full or positive.

Stuck - Stop just surviving and start thriving

Many organizations today are at a crossroads – will they survive and even prosper, or will they become a distant memory in the next few  years?  There is a single issue causing this current situation in thousands of organizations nationwide and it is simply – relevance.  Is your organization giving your customers/members what they want and need to grow their businesses or can they find the services you offer somewhere else for less time and commitment and even free? The world is changing faster than at any time in history and if any organization is to thrive or even exist it must stay ahead of the curve and remain relevant.  Staying Relevant in a dynamic and changing world focuses on four simple principles – imagination, creativity, courage and a throw away the box mindset.

Stop circling the wagons - using change to grow your business.

 No one knows what will happen in two years let alone next week. One thing is certain – change is constant and increasing its speed. 90% of all mergers fail and why – people resist “new or different”. If your employees and your organization are not      effectively managing change, I will guarantee you are headed for extinction.  During this session Tim shares numerous relevant, creative, proven and timely techniques, attitudes, approaches and strategies to better manage change in your organization.

Leadership is a mindset not a title or position - so lead or get out of the way.

 Many people believe that to be a leader you must be in a position of leadership or control.  This is not the case as real leadership is a Mindset. Real leadership is the ability to bring courage, vision and passion to any position whether as a receptionist, janitor, salesperson or Customer service representative or any other position where you are not responsible for others.  During this session Tim shares the twelve  traits, attitudes and skills necessary to be an effective leader whether you are the CEO or work in the mailroom.

Failure is a choice. Success is not an accident. Using adversity to grow.

 Everyone defines success in a unique way.  For some it is fame, some security, others wealth and most inner peace, happiness and  contentment.  So, are the rules the same regardless of what success means to you? Does your education, gender race, religion or background matter? No. Is age the defining factor? No. Then what are the fundamentals or basics in achieving success in all areas of life? Are they that simple to achieve or do they take years, tremendous effort and sacrifice? Lear to use failure as a growth tool.

Employee stress is stealing from your bottom line and effectiveness – eliminate it.

Uncontrolled stress is the single biggest factor that contributes to poor decisions, inappropriate behavior, inconsistent and confusing communication and poor productivity.  Whether you are a business owner, executive or employee - if the stressors in your life are not positively managed you will sooner or later experience the negative consequences of this behavior.  During this session Tim discusses the major stressors that influence employee’s behavior and how to reduce them, manage them or eliminate them. 

Corporate Disconnect can put you out of business in a heartbeat - don’t risk it.

Every organization has Corporate Disconnect lurking somewhere in the shadows of their organization and  every day that it’s allowed to continue or grow, it’s costing you sales, profits and consistent effective performance that leads to healthy and stable growth. Corporate Disconnect is; When the realities that  exist at the lower levels of an organization and in the market place do not accurately, and congruently find their way to the highest levels of the organization – where direction is set, goals are established, vision is created and major decisions are made.

Tim always gets RAVE reviews from his presentations and clients;

We have been hiring hundreds of speakers for conferences for over 30 years. Tim was one of the best. He was engaging, entertaining and relevant with his messages.  PBA Health

“You got nothing but RAVE Reviews.”  Tax Collectors & Treasurers Assn. NJ

"Tim is the best speaker we have ever hired to address our management and sales teams."  Bloedorn Lumber

“Tim has presented for the Building Systems Council over 10 times during the past 12 years.  He is the only speaker we have ever used in such high demand.” National Assn. of Home Builders.

“We have used Tim on multiple occasions for sales and management training over the years. And why?  He always over delivers and gives our employees information, ideas and techniques that have helped us consistently grow our business.”  Minnesota Exteriors

“Tim gave several sales and management presentations to our convention attendees over a five-day period and he hit it out of the park with every one.” Snap-on Industrial Tools

“Great Job Tim, our employees loved your message and style. We will use you again.”  Terminix - NC

“I was very impressed with the interaction Tim had with the group.  The content was right on line, exactly what I asked Tim to cover.  He’ll be back at Six Flags Six Flags Theme Parks

“I've known Tim Connor for over 30 years, and he has been a tireless student, and ultimately, expert in the area of sales and management strategies. I've worked with him on multiple occasions and he always brings high energy and exceptional skills to each presentation!” Don Hutson, Prosperity Series

My Background

Earned CSP (National Speakers Assn) in 1990 - held by only a few hundred individuals around the world. His first book, Soft Sell is the only sales book ever published that has sold over 1,000,000 copies and is in 25 languages.

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