Sean Glaze

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Sean helps organizations improve teamwork with fun teambuilding events and engaging conference keynotes that transform your employees into Winning Teammates!

My Background

Is Your Team Underachieving?  Sean Can HELP!

Sean Glaze is the owner and founder of Great Results Teambuilding.


His programs inspire your people to laugh together so they can have more success working together.   Sean’s three books, The Unexpected LeaderRapid Teamwork, and The 10 Commandments of Winning Teammates are entertaining parables with powerful take-aways for building and leading great teams! 


As a successful coach and educator for over 20 years, Sean gained valuable insights into how to develop winning teams - and founded Great Results Teambuilding to share those lessons with smart team leaders…  

Sean’s virtual teamwork keynotes and interactive teambuilding event programs equip and inspire the individuals on your team to be Winning Teammates! 

Think about how much more positive and profitable your company would be if everyone on your team was more appreciative, more accountable, and more focused on getting results as a small part of something more significant than just themselves… 

What issues are you dealing with now that would disappear if you could build a team culturethat inspired accountability, trust, and a team-first attitude?

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