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Wilmington , North Carolina
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Presentation Skills / Public Speaking Seminars & Workshops

What happens when you're asked to give a speech, professionally or personally? If you get nervous, start sweating, and hope it's all just a bad dream then you aren't alone, but you need help. Painless Presentations proves that speaking doesn't have to be painful, or even stressful. A speech is a means to giving great, helpful material to an audience and the speaker is the vehicle to achieve that goal. 

This program discusses such topics such as:

- Explains how to gather information and materials
- Details the structure of a presentation
- Describes uses of visual aids and vocal variety
- Demonstrates how to handle questions

Painless Presentations offers wisdom derived from Lenny Laskowski's thirty-five-year speaking career, delivering more than 2,700 programs to clients in over 178 countries. It will give you no-sweat tips for delivering speeches that win over your audiences every time and teaches you that giving speeches doesn't have to be painful.

Each program is customized and can be adapted to ANY size group. 
1/2 Day, 1 Day or 2 Day formats are available.
Contact us for more information how we can tailor a program for you.


My Background

Lenny works with individuals to improve their public speaking & communication skills & organizations to improve their staff's public speaking and communication skills so they can be successful. Through his unique professional coaching style and his professional video-taped feedback, Lenny will help you become a more polished speaker and presenter. Lenny will help reduce your fear of public speaking.



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