Joel Hilchey

Hamilton , Ontario
Available upon request
What I Like to talk About

Change Leadership; Innovation; Creative Risk-Taking, Business Growth, Personal & Professional Development

My Background

I have an unusual job: I’ve come to think of myself as a professional eye opener. I help people discover what’s holding them back.

Mostly, I get hired as a keynote speaker, but I’m also an entrepreneur, author, and teach engineering at McMaster University, where I've been named one of the Top 150+ Alumni.

In addition to leading a creative team of education reformers through my educational development company The Beanstalk Project, I attempt to be a great husband to an amazing woman named Kathleen (an anti-bullying expert) and a great dad to three awesome kids.

For a slightly more complete picture, let’s add in amateur juggler, occasional magician, intermittent yogi, competitive barbershop quartet singer, former chair of the board for the world-renowned Hamilton Children’s choir, and exotic fruit enthusiast – I particularly like Guanabana.


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