Jerry Walker

Alpharetta , Georgia
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What I Like to talk About

I like, no make that, LOVE to talk to people about WHY they are here on this rock!  I provide strategies to help them maximize personal and professional performance through an understanding that they are no less than a masterpiece of design, built for excellence.

Corporate Culture in the U.S. has veered far away from those days when the family at home mattered as much as the employee. Now we speak of 'Human Capital Management' and if that doesn't send a shiver down your spine....  I am on the leading edge of redefining the Human Resources Department as a Collaborative Resources Department (#CRDept).

My expertise is in the field of optimizing intrinsic passion and design.

For more than 30 years I have explored our 'why' and whether or not men and women self-identify with their occupations.  My research and experiences have taught me much on this subject and informs my enthusiasm in front of audiences.

My Background

Husband to Denise | "Daddy" to Kate | "Jerry" to Kevin, my son-in-law | "Jerry" to Bradley, my stepson | "Papa" to Mary and Akasha, my granddaughters | Brother to Debbie | Son to Reba | Friend of some really good guys...

I am a Speaker, an Author, and a Business Consultant

Georgia College and State University | University of Georgia | Kennesaw State University

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Events Calendar - Past, Future Speeches
The ONE Thing Seminar

Oct 11, 2016

Atlanta, Georgia

Shelter Lending Sales Meeting

Mar 01, 2016

Tucker, Georgia

Master Networks National Convention

Apr 29, 2016

Dallas, Texas

Ripple of One Retreat

Nov 04, 2017

Asheville, North Carolina