Jeff McKissack

Dallas , Texas
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What I Like to talk About

Creating a *Culture* of Security

Far too often we relegate safety and security issues to a single department versus empowering individuals to take responsibility for their own actions or become an onsite team where everyone is looking out for everyone else.  What if the eyes and ears of everyone you worked with were more highly defined to see things before they happened?  What if everyday people were more skilled in spotting trouble *BEFORE* trouble spotted them -- or you?  This is what I address, whether to conference and convention audiences, continuing education events, or corporate employee groups.

My Background

I began my career working with an investigative reporter/producer for 20/20, Sixty Minutes, and NBC News. This same gentleman interviewed such criminals as Ted Bundy, Henry Lee Lucas, John Wayne Gacy, and thousands of others to learn *HOW* they went about the process of securing their victims and seducing their trust. In 2000 I saw the application of this knowledge in the business/professional world and began focusing my efforts in these areas, but have been in this same field and speaking on these same topics now for over 30 years.

In addition to addressing conference and convention audiences across the country, I have also delivered contining education seminars to those in the educational, medical, legal, financial, real estate, human resource, risk management, insurance, event planning, and venue management industries -- and still growing.

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