Don Thorpe

Perham , Minnesota
Available upon request
What I Like to talk About

Don Thorpe, of Shared Experience Consulting has a unique and special insight into

the world of small business, its growth factors, success factors and the guest

experience. He has lived it for his entire adult life. In his coaching, consulting and

speaking, Don walks the participants through the daily minefield of business.

Giving them strategies and systems that will give them consistent, predictable

results. Ultimately, helping them experience rapid growth, guest satisfaction

and a healthy organization for long term success.


Don has been an entrepreneur his entire adult life and always just a little early at

the gate. He is the youngest franchise owner in the history of the franchise

organization his business operates in. This early start has given him years of

experience, advanced and “school of hard knocks” education to share with the

people he works with. He now speaks, writes, coaches and consults on the basic

elements of how to grow a business that provides for the owner and his/her team



This unique background qualifies Don to share with groups from 5 to 500 or more,

his perspective on what ground level efforts and leadership people can use to make

their business successful and prosper. He can deliver an inspirational keynote, a

content rich general session, hands-on workshop to an all day program.

My Background

Don has a unique style of presenting, shaped by years of working to inspire team

members and from being 4th of 5 kids. His humor and sarcastic wit fits well into all

groups he works with. Often, participants want to visit with him after his talk

because they felt he was talking right to them. 13 years of ice hockey officiating

has given him the opportunity to be called many different names, so Don is quite

sure the audience won’t come up with many new ones to call him.


In short, Don helps business people; Create…Improve…Increase. Create the

business they really want, Improve their focus and results, and Increase their

income and business/life balance.


Don is drawn to his work, helping people grow their business and create healthy

organizations, because this is the work he feels called and compelled to do.

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