Cara Silletto

Louisville , Kentucky
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What I Like to talk About

Employee Retention
Staying Power: Why Your Employees Leave & How to Keep Them Longer

Generations in the Workplace
They Drive Me Crazy! The Generational Story You've NEVER Heard

Leading the New Workforce: The Evolution of Employee Expectations

My Background

As a professional speaker and workforce thought leader, Cara Silletto, MBA, speaks 50-100 times per year for groups in various industries and professions to reduce unnecessary employee turnover. 

Workforce Magazine named Cara a "Game Changer" for her innovative approach to bridging today's widening generational gaps in the workplace. listed her in their "Top 10 Company Culture Experts to Watch." She is the author of the 2018 book, Staying Power: Why Your Employees Leave & How to Keep Them Longer. Cara also has her MBA, which allows her to quantify the costly issues associated with excessive employee turnover.

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Dec 01, 2017

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