Brent Scarpo

Palm Springs , California
Available upon request
What I Like to talk About

My speaking programs include Finding Passion & Purpose in Life; Mental Health Awareness including Overcoming Depression, Drugs & Alcohol; A Live Life Coach Program, where particpants can ask any questions about LIFE.

My Background

BRENT SCARPO has over thirty years of experience as a national speaker, life coach, producer, writer, director, and casting director in Hollywood. He has worked on such well-known films as THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, THAT THING YOU DO, AIRFORCE ONE and MATILDA.  Additionally, Brent has presented thousands of programs to high schools, colleges and corporate America numbering well over one million participants.

In addition, Scarpo wrote and was featured on the Christmas Special, CHRISTMAS MIRACLES for ABC and recently won The Today Show’s writing contest, EVERYONE HAS A STORY where his story, THE RED BALLOON was chosen out of 100,000 entries.

The Red Balloon Story beautifully depicts the loving relationship of Scarpo and his mother and their fascination with life and death. Through many conversations on the subject Scarpo and his mother created a plan to prove that in fact there was life after death, the basis of The Red Balloon Story.

It was one of The Today’s Shows top stories and Kathy Lee Gifford said, “This was our favorite story and we saved the best for last.” Scarpo is currently writing his book, THE RED BALLOON AND OTHER INSPIRATIONAL STORIES and continues to speak around the world, where he has enjoyed presenting in each state as well as numerous foreign countries.

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