Brandon Kelly

Kaysville , Utah
Available upon request
What I Like to talk About

Everyone stumbles and get hit by their own proverbial dump truck, Brandon takes what he learned to compete for a spot on the USA Olympic High Jump Team and being hit by two dump trucks, as well as overcoming cancer twice and many other setbacks, and teaches the A.C.E. (Always Champion Excellence) for a Total Overall Performance to electrify the audience!

Brandon has fun and exciting stories that help the audience see their potential and then perform at personal best every day, driving up performance and profit to the bottom line.

Brandon Speaks 200 times a year to a wide array of audiences and events and has clients all over the US, and Canada.

He is able to address fresh relevant topics, hot issues, and hit way above the benchmarks for each event.  His knowledge is more than book learned like other speakers, he has learned it from the school of hard knocks.

His experiences will save and earn you millions, and his messages are key with every audience. From Key Note to break out you will not be disappointed! 

Also ask him about EYE 2 EYE; ABC's of Business Survival, Revival, and Thrival!; Secrets of the Million Dollar Account Executive; MAP to CORE; Managing your MUSTARD; PUSH UP Performance, or for custom needs or events. 


My Background

Brandon has risen through ranks from manager, director, area and national director, to Vice President of Sales, Operations, and then CEO.  He has started 7 companies from training, consulting, Hotel Owner, property management, and other successes for multiple industries totaling $65 million in gross sales. Brandon has also served on 6 Board of Directors-four Nationally and two Internationally. He owns 21 websites that provide information, and create income or royalties.  Brandon has authored 5 books on business and self-improvement along with 10 workbooks to help the entrepreneur the Million Dollar Account Executives to name a few in addition to becoming a Nationally and Internationally recognized and accredited Motivational Speaker.

He has had leadership and adventure in all 50 states and 38 countries and in 2007 became the youngest recipient on record of the Baden Powell Fellow Award for service to youth around the world.  He has trained, coached, mentored, and managed tens of thousands of people and spoken to 800,000+ people all after overcoming two separate rounds of cancer, being hit by two dump trucks, and setting several records in high jump and personal performance after being told he would never walk or talk again.  Brandon has recently jointly completed a Guinness Book of World Records for the Longest Continuous Motivational POD cast, and was part of another Guinness World record for the Largest Kazoo Band.  He has been married to the Love of his life since they were 20 years old!

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