Bobby Dsouza

Indian Creek , Indiana
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What I Like to talk About

1. Fallen to Rise 

  • Speaks about ‘how to Rise after every fall’
  • Helps you to discover the real you after setbacks & delays
  • Helps you to investigate failure & learn from it 
  • Helps you to shape your character to get on higher grounds 
  • Building resilience & inner stamina 
  • Achieving a fresh perspective to start again, wiser this time 
  • Eradicating fear of the unknown, removing the fear of the fall
  • Learning how to not care a  damn about others opinion when you are rising up to newer things 


2. What’s Your Limit?  (keynote  speech & music based ) 

  • The keynote hovers around challenging your Limits & making a paradigm shift to
  • Exponential Mind-sets to make higher progress in earnings, revenue, career.
  • The key focus area is to challenge limiting belief that stops them from getting to their truest best!
  • Identifying my ‘what if ‘empowering questions that can make me ‘break my limits’ 


3. Influential Leadership 

  • The keynote focuses on helping leaders use the power of influence to convince, ideate, negotiate, serve & create a higher impact without a possible designation 
  • Leaders understand from various true stories, examples of organizational leaders, world leader who have been influential by building connections & relationships to get things done 


4. The Everest Mindset Leader 


  • The keynote focuses on helping leaders build an Everest mindset applying all the traits that an Everest conqueror has to embrace to get his team safely to the peak & back 
  • The teams learn about the power of ‘mountain way ‘ which is selfless when you are climbing the Everest 
  • Collaborating as a leader & seeking help is brought in this keynote  
  •  The Keynote also reminds leaders of the perils & risk associated with you aim to reach your Everest & how preparation is a key 


5. Disruptive Innovation mindset


  • The keynote focuses on helping leaders & team realize the impact of disruptive innovation on technology, market & the VUCA world!
  • Disruptive innovation brings in lessons & anecdotes from the now world of champions who have leveraged disruption & embraced it to create success in organizations & business 
  • Reminding people to adapt, be proactive,  reinvent themselves, accept disruption or get disrupted is a key area of discussion 

My Background

Bobby Dsouza is the  Director Of Empower India Academia, 
He is an author, Keynote -Motivational Speaker, facilitator, Trainer & a budding musician with a flair for Human Percussion, drumming and impersonation.
He has spoken to 24000 plus people on the following critical topics 
1)Personal Achievement 
2) Breaking Limits  
3)  Inspirational leadership 
4) Reaching your Everest through Collaboration (Music based & offsite )
he has empowered 5500 students at Campuses & 129 Corporations  till date & counting

He is an author of Fallen to Rise which is a personal true inspirational journey from falls to Rise of the author.

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