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There is only one thing that drives Art Costello as he explores the endless possibilities available to those who long for a beautiful, more abundant future, and that is passion. A passion for revealing the Truth about you—your destiny that brings with it ultimate fulfillment. As a visionary, attitude architect, and mindset expert, Art is, in a sense, a deep-sea diver. His commitment to delving into the depths of the human condition yield extraordinary treasure buried within all of us. Art’s gentle, guiding hand will encourage you to withstand the pressure of “going deep” in order to excavate a brighter, vibrant tomorrow. 


As an author and life coach, Art hones the expectations of people who have perhaps lost their joy, feel anxious or depressed, or can’t seem to connect to their life’s purpose, providing the balm necessary to heal and find new hope. He has devoted himself to helping all walks of life—individuals who have forgotten their childhood dreams, families that struggle with unresolved tension and hurts, business professionals with the fire to connect their expectations with their achievements, and even athletes striving for their greatest potential. 

My Background

Art’s strength lies in his unique ability to identify and assess what is preventing you from reaching your greatest desire, then provides options on how to best attain those goals and dreams. From his own life experiences and training, he has created a powerful program titled Expectation Therapy that will guide you through the darker path of current inhibited belief patterns into the open-air forum of your best creative mind, unshackling previous limitations to release God’s ultimate plan for your life. 

As a mental health counselor with a degree in psychology, and successful entrepreneur, Art offers wisdom as well as tangles tools for success that will help boost your confidence, encourage your journey, and affirm you as you begin to enjoy the freer, more productive life you’ve always longed for.  

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