Sharing helpful skills and insights to elevate leaders

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Jacksonville, Florida

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

Prescott Valley, Arizona

Leading and Managing Change

Alexandria, Virginia

Resilient to the Core: How to Improve Your Default Response to Stress to Boost Performance & Happiness

Dallas, Texas

Outsmart Your Brain: How to Master Your Mind When Emotions Take the Wheel


Developing vision and a sense of purpose

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Data Analytics - Big Data

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Solutions Oriented Leadership

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Perform Like a Rock Star and Still Have Time for Lunch

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Plug Time Leaks, Improve Personal Productivity

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Leadership development

Columbia, Maryland

Bring Enthusiasm to Business

San Francisco, California

Take a Break Before You Break

Manchester, Michigan

Avoiding Burnout and Finding Joy (Again)

Sarasota, Florida

Miracles & Fate on 78 - A 9/11 Story of Inspiration

Cedarhurst, New York

Customer Experience

San Diego, California

Answering Why: Unleashing Passion, Purpose, and Performance in Younger Generations

Cleveland, Ohio

Economic Outlook

Toronto, Ontario

Perception is their Reality; How to Create a Personalized Five-Star Experience

Toronto, Ontario

How to Emulate the World's Fastest Growing Companies

New York City, New York

How to Influence PEOPLE

Westerville, Ohio

Reach for the Stars!

Loganville, Georgia

Your Story is the key to Resilience

Atlanta, Georgia

Communication Skills

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Finding Happiness by Redefining Success

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Cyber Security

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Building an Innovative Culture

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Living a Life of Meaning and Purpose

Boston, Massachusetts

Radiate the Brain & Change the Game

Forestville, Maryland

Do Business Better

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Improving Employee Performance

Indianapolis, Indiana

A Better Way to Great

Denver, Colorado

Mindfulness and Emotion Regulation

Westford, Massachusetts

Team Building and Group Facilitation

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Emotional intelligence in Customer experience

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30-Second marketing

Portland, Oregon

Sustainable Business

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The Age of Disruption | Thrive and Excel in the New World of Work

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Social Justice

Atlanta, Georgia

Ithaca, New York

Expect Your Best: Be Ready, Be Resilient, Be the Pro

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Unconscious Bias

Phoenix, Arizona

doc.PEACE of Mind Method

San Diego, California