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An all-ages Geek Culture Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, May 26-29th, 2022

MomoCon brings together fans of Japanese Anime, American Animation, Comics, Video Games, and Tabletop Games to celebrate their passion by costuming / cosplay, browsing the huge exhibitors hall, meeting celebrity voice talent, designers, and writers behind their favorite shows, games, and comics and much much more over this 4 day event.

MomoCon was born from the hard work and dedication of a small group of committed people.  Split between animation, gaming, comics and costuming, we strive to bring the very best aspects of these fandoms to our fellow fans.  From parents bringing their curious “young’uns” to the most dedicated old-schoolers, everyone is welcome.  Based out of Atlanta, extending Southern Hospitality is important to those at MomoCon.  It is important for everyone to enjoy what MomoCon does best: having fun!

Getting Started
MomoCon began through Anime O-Tekku.  Even now, its members and Georgia Tech alumni still comprise a good portion of the volunteer staff.  These volunteers worked tireless to bring the first MomoCon to the public in 2005; they were greeted by 700+ eager attendees.  In the years that followed, the volunteer staff brought forth new ideas and introduced new guests to the convention scene.  Each year they strived to make each event better than the last.

Explosive Growth
MomoCon was fortunate enough to find great reception in the southeast fan communities growing over 50% for several years. Reaching over 10,000 attendees in 2011, MomoCon was listed as the 10th largest anime convention in North America by 

Due to rising venue costs and the growth outpacing the limited income received, leadership was forced to no longer offer MomoCon as a free event.

Recreating MomoCon as a paid convention in 2012 provided the opportunity to do things never capable of before: adding a third (and fourth!) day of convention, bringing in stellar celebrities from several fandoms, expanding events to include more aspects (such as a rave and martial arts programming), and moving to downtown Atlanta in gorgeous hotels and ultimately in a large enough venue to contain the entire event.

The Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC) is one of the largest convention centers in the United States. Previous MomoCons were spread across several buildings on Georgia Tech’s campus.

MomoCon was happy to welcome over 39,000 attendees for the 2019 event!  We are expecting even more for 2022!

Our Family
Usually attendees at MomoCon interacting with but a small segment of the people who gather every year to bring MomoCon to life. This group, plus 1200+ other “siblings”, take pride in bringing you a weekend of fun and excitement each year.

Now, MomoCon, is coming back, May 26-29, 2022. Until then, join Our Family for dances, game days, photoshoots, art contests, screenings and much more throughout the year.

Source : Event Website

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Future and Past Event Dates
Date Location Atten Exhib
May 24, 2024 Atlanta, Georgia Estimated
May 25, 2023 Atlanta, Georgia Estimated
May 26, 2022 Atlanta, Georgia - verified
Dec 18, 2021 Atlanta, Georgia Estimated
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