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About Us

Today’s wholesale market for tomorrow’s retail world. Rich with diverse products for discerning retailers, museum stores, and specialty buyers. Where artisans meet designers, celebrate creativity, and tell their stories. Where eclectic products shine, from home style to fashion statements, from amazing accessories to the perfect gift.

Twice a year in New York City, America’s design capital. And nurturing community year-round through its Digital Market. NY NOW is the best platform to build brand exposure. To generate leads and write orders.

Where brands come to stand out and buyers come to set their business apart from the competition.

Accent on Design®
A juried collection that showcases a wide range of products that solve a problem, innovate, utilize different use of materials while keeping an eye on the design!

Classic and trend driven products in fine and fashion jewelry, leather goods, men’s accessories, wearables, and more.

Artisan Resource®
A stunning collection of handmade products along with custom design production opportunities offered at export terms.

Why Attend

For the thrill of discovery. Always a surprise. Objects that are sparkly, matte, shapely, silky, aromatic. Housewares, gifts, fashion, and gourmet edibles. New on and ahead of trend. Visit with the makers, the people behind the brand. Collaborate on a custom design.

NY NOW® is your gateway to the world of eclectic design. Where color, shape, texture, and aroma speak in a unique language. Twice a year, an in-person wholesale market in America’s design capital. With a Digital Market 365, 24/7. Research and plan your itinerary, connect and order, then return digitally post-show. Keep the spirit of unearthing treasures alive year-round.

Why Exhibit

To spotlight your product. You’ll have the eyes of a diverse group of seasoned retailers and specialty buyers hunting for standouts for their shops. Whether it’s handmade baskets, hand thrown pottery, modern metal jewelry, baby ware, bath oils and soaps, tabletop, gourmet foods, outdoor accessories for the home.

Connect in person, write orders onsite, then follow up and engage post-show. Every day, 24/7 in the Digital Market. NY NOW® is the modern wholesale market held twice a year in America’s design capital. All the more reason to be there.

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Future and Past Event Dates
Date Location Atten Exhib
Feb 06, 2022 New York City, New York - verified
Feb 01, 2021 , - verified
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