ASE 25th Annual Scientific Sessions - American Society of Echocardiography

Jun 20 - 24, 2014 In-person
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Why Attend


ASE’s annual meeting is an exciting, cutting-edge educational program with a superb and experienced faculty.  We are proud to offer many different types of learning experiences including lectures, case-based presentations, debates, sessions from the basics to extreme echo, and, of course, the newest research on cardiovascular ultrasound.  The meetings also provide plenty of opportunities to personally interact with our faculty in social settings.


This is ASE’s principle venue for educating cardiovascular ultrasound clinicians, researchers and many other healthcare providers in both the established and latest innovations in cardiovascular ultrasound. As an exhibitor partnering with ASE, you have access to the largest cardiovascular imaging society before, during, as well as after the conference.

The ASE Annual Scientific Sessions attracts thousands of attendees each year and offers exhibitors a targeted audience not diluted by public attendees or other subspecialties. Exhibitors benefit from exposure to key cardiology decision makers with buying power, including renowned experts in the field of cardiovascular imaging. Device and medical equipment suppliers, and pharmaceutical companies that provide products to cardiologists, private practices and cardiovascular ultrasound laboratories cannot afford to miss this opportunity to showcase their products, services and latest technological advances.

EDUCATION is why attendees are here! 
When you align your exhibiting and sponsorship strategy with the EDUCATION attendees seek, you maximize your chances for success. Session topics will be confirmed in January 2014 and will include topics concerning practice management, essential Imaging for practical skills, state of the art and emerging vascular technologies, and much more. Market your product lines utilizing tie-in education.

Create an Attendee Experience
When you come prepared with knowledgeable staff and product demonstrations — you create a memorable and dynamic learning experience. 

ASE delivers the physician to your booth 
While your representatives are finding it more difficult to access physicians in their workplace.

Get face-time with healthcare professionals
There is no better place to meet face-to-face with 2,500 clinical hands-on cardiologists and cardiovascular sonographers.

About ASE:

The American Society of Echocardiography (ASE) is a professional organization of physicians, cardiac sonographers, nurses and scientists involved in echocardiography, the use of ultrasound to image the heart and cardiovascular system. The organization was founded in 1975 and is the largest international organization for cardiac imaging.

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