2023 UMA Motorcoach Expo - United Motorcoach Association

Jan 11 - 14, 2023 In-person
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Why Attend

Event Overview:

 Travel Exchange is a member-only event that combines the NTA Convention and the FTA Conference on one floor to offer packaged-travel professionals from around the world the best business-building show in the industry.

Attendee Information:

What you'll experience:

  •     Appointments in the Supplier Exchange and Destination Pavilion.
        Full schedule of networking opportunities and education sessions.
        Faith Travel Association Pavilion.
        Sponsored evening events at popular local attractions.



This show delivers
The newest travel product in every U.S. state, Canadian province and 30+ attending countries in the Tour & Travel Exchange and Destination Pavilion.
Education that delivers specific takeaways and how-tos you can put into practice as soon as you get home.
Your NTA colleagues and FTA members to partner up with, share ideas and work out details face to face.

Exhibitor Information:


When it comes to EXPO, everything we do is about SOLUTIONS!   Armed with the latest industry information from the education sessions, attendees will visit the EXPO show floor actively seeking the solutions they have just learned about.  There is no better prospect than the ones who come to you, face to face, to see your products and services first hand. And by bringing UMA's Motorcoach EXPO together with NTA's Convention at Travel Exchange, we are increasing UMA Motorcoach EXPO's value for all those involved by creating the ONE show for the group travel industry and creating more ways for you to do business.

About the NTA:

NTA (National Tour Association) is the leading association for professionals serving travelers to, from and within North America. NTA members represent more travel product and have access to more business-to-business networking than in any other association in the industry. That includes product in every U.S. state, Canadian province and more than 40 countries.

About the UMA:

The United Motorcoach Association ("UMA") is North America's largest association of professional bus and motorcoach companies. Founded in 1971 as the United Bus Owners of America, UMA's membership now includes over 900 motorcoach companies. Another 250 motorcoach manufacturers, suppliers and related businesses are currently "Associate" members of UMA.

About the FTA:

Faith Travel Association is a worldwide community of faith-based travel professionals with a common goal: to provide experiences of a lifetime to travelers.  It was launched by NTA Services, Inc. in January 2014 to serve as the preeminent business-building resource for travel professionals, sites and organizations worldwide which are focused on faith-based travel.  The journey begins here.

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