2020 NIGP Forum & Product Exposition - National Institute Of Governmental Purchasing

Aug 23 - 26, 2020 Online
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Why Attend

Event Overview:

Engage in professional development and discover new products and services at NIGP 2019

The NIGP Annual Forum and Products Exposition is the largest North American educational conference exclusively for individuals in Public Procurement! Our attendees enjoy talking with suppliers about the latest products and services available to the government.   As an exhibitor, you will get in front of procurement agents from all facets of the government including, state agencies, cities, counties, k-12, higher education, hospitals and more. If your company sells to the government, this is the show for you.

Suppliers will showcase the products and services government agencies require to meet critical needs such as:

•   Office Furniture/Equipment     
•   Finance Solutions
•   Procurement Solutions      
•   Training Programs/Services
•   Construction Equipment      
•   Automotive/ Fleet Services
•   Recreation Facilities/Materials      
•   Disaster Relief/Recovery
•   Building Materials      
•   Security Solutions
•   Bidding Software      
•   Communications
•   Computer Hardware/Software      
•   Maintenance
•   Public Works Solutions     
•   Architectural & Engineering Services
•   Emergency Support     
•   Facility Maintenance
•   Food Service      
•   Healthcare
•   Laboratory Equipment     
•   Logistics & Warehousing

Exhibitor Information:

For showcasing your products and services, the NIGP Products Exposition is the premier event for government suppliers.

NIGP’s 2018 Forum and Products Exposition is the largest educational conference attended by government purchasing officials representing diverse agencies from the U.S. and Canada.

This annual event draws over 1,000 procurement professionals each year. 92% are principle buying decision makers in their agencies.

Why do they come to this annual event?

The Forum is an excellent opportunity for them to engage in professional development and to discover new products and services in the Products Exposition.

The NIGP Products Exposition provides government suppliers with the unique opportunity to generate business, increase visibility and make a lasting impression on the public procurement community.

Exhibitor Categories In High demand

• Architectural & Engineering Services

• Automotive/Fleet Services

• Bidding Software

• Building Materials

• Construction Equipment

• Communications

• Computer Hardware & Software

• Disaster Relief & Recovery

• Emergency Support

• Facilities Maintenance

• Finance Solutions

• Food Service

• Healthcare

• Laboratory Equipment

• Logistics & Warehousing

• Maintenance

• Office Furniture/Equipment

• Procurement Solutions

• Public Works Solutions

• Safety Security Solutions

• Recreation Facilities/Materials

• Training programs/services

About NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement

Developing, supporting and promoting the public procurement profession through premier educational and research programs, professional support, technical services and advocacy initiatives that benefit members and constituents since 1944.

With over 2,600 member agencies representing over 16,000 professionals across the United States, Canada and countries outside of North America, the Institute is international in its reach.

Our goal is simple (though maybe not so easily attained):  recognition and esteem for the government procurement profession and its dedicated practitioners.

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