2018 Pinnacle EMS Management & Leadership Conference

Jul 23 - 27, 2018 In-person
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Event Overview:

More than just another conference, Pinnacle helps you gain the knowledge — and the network — needed to move from EMS leader to healthcare leader.

For many, Pinnacle is the must-attend meeting of the year, providing a relaxed, retreat-like setting to re-energize and stimulate new thinking.

Experience something different. Experience something remarkable. Experience Pinnacle.

Attendee Information:


EMS chiefs, leaders, administrators, medical directors, managers, educators and innovators all attend Pinnacle. They come from systems of all sizes and types, from fire departments and municipal third services to private, not-for-profit and hospital-based organizations. It’s a one-of-a-kind environment, in which competition and politics are set aside in the pursuit of collaboration and solutions to common challenges.

Exhibitor Information:


MEET with the industry’s top executives, chiefs, medical directors and managers in a relaxed, networking-friendly setting. More than a conference, Pinnacle is a high-level executive forum designed to address the most important issues facing EMS decision-makers. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to participate in the EMS industry’s most prestigious event.

CONNECT WITH TOP EMS LEADERS UNLIKE national conventions or state conferences, Pinnacle’s audience is exclusively leaders — the people who set organizations’ priorities and make confident decisions. Collectively, Pinnacle’s attendees control budgets worth an estimated $6 billion.

ONE of Pinnacle’s most valuable and exclusive features is the opportunity for sponsors to participate in educational sessions. It’s your chance to discover not just what’s happening in EMS, but what’s going to happen next. To learn what really matters to your best prospects. To build trust and relationships with influential EMS leaders. And, in the process, gain a serious advantage over your competitors.

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