2017 USCAP Annual Meeting - United States & Canadian Academy Of Pathology

Mar 4 - 10, 2017 In-person
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Event Overview:

The USCAP hosts multi-day learning events throughout North America, including the world’s largest gathering of pathologist-scientists:  The USCAP Annual Meeting.

The USCAP Annual Meeting, traditionally held the first week in March each year, attracts over 5,000 pathology professionals from around the world - in fact over 20% of attendees come from places outside of North America. If you are a pathologist the USCAP Annual Meeting is the place to be.

Exhibitor Information:

The USCAP Annual Meeting has truly become pathology’s global event. Decision makers in the field of pathology and the related specialties of molecular, toxicology, oncology, and immunology from hospitals, private laboratories, academic institutions, and the government will be in attendance.

The purpose of the United States & Canadian Academy of Pathology exhibit program is to further the education of the registrants by providing an area for exhibitors to present information on products or services pertinent to the physician’s professional interests.

The New Product Display program provides USCAP members and attendees at the USCAP Annual Meeting with an effective way to identify new and innovative products at the show. It also provides you, the exhibitor, with a way to draw special attention to your new products or enhancements to existing products, including:

Products just released from R&D
Product enhancements
Products launched since the previous USCAP Annual Meeting
Products for research use only
Products that have received FDA clearance or are pending FDA clearance
Products for sale outside of the U.S.
Services related to or for research and clinical laboratories

Don’t miss this opportunity to help your products stand out from the hundreds on display at the USCAP Annual Meeting.

About USCAP:

The United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology has been the most prestigious provider of continuing medical education (CME) for pathologists globally for more than a century, superbly integrating CME into the process for improving professional practice and patient outcomes by reducing the gap between evidence-based practices and adoption of those practices into clinical care. Although many pathologists do not see patients directly, they unquestionably provide effective patient care. Therefore, while USCAP is not a health care delivery institution, it provides scalpel-edge educational information and the new results of translational research literally as they happen, as well as information and educational activities addressing best practice standards for pathology.

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