13th Annual Pipe Show 2021

Nov 6 - 7, 2021 Canceled
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Concerning the 2021, 13th Annual West Coast Pipe Show; This has been an extremely difficult decision for Marty and I both but we need to do what we think is best for everyone concerned. We are cancelling the show for this year.

Flying across the country with a face mask on and worrying about who has been Vaxed and who hasn’t, is a real concern. We will not be part of the Vax police worrying about who has been Vaxed and if they have not been , they need to wear a mask.

We also feel that there are too many unresolved issues for us to be confident that a show can be conducted without fear of changes in regulations and requests. Our show is about having a great time together and enjoying our great hobby. We do not want hard feelings at our show.

I am getting dates  for a show next year. I will put the dates on the web site as soon as I have them.

The best to everyone, Steve and Marty

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